Researchers from CRR at the XXIV ESRS Congress

At the XXIV European Society for Rural Sociology Congress, 16 papers from researchers at the CRR will be presented. In addition, researchers from the centre will lead four of the working groups at the conference.


The following paper from researchers at the Centre for Rural Research, Norway will be presented:

Agnete Wiborg and Hilde Bjørkhaug (CRR): Challenges For Future Farming In Norway: The Role Of Place In Farm Succession

Arve Hjelseth and Oddveig Storstad (CRR): Cross-Border Shopping As Political Consumption: Evidence From Norway

Berit Brandth (CRR/NTNU), Marit S. Haugen (CRR) and Britt Kramvig: Being Entrepreneurs In Rural Societies

Brit Logstein (CRR): Physical Activity Among Adolescents- A Multilevel Analysis Of How Place Of Residence Is Associated With Health Behavior

Carol Richards, Hilde Bjørkhaug (CRR) and Geoffrey Lawrence: Proprietary And Hybrid Quality Assurance Standards: Power And Food Governance In Australia, The Uk And Norway

Christoph Kirchengast and Karoline Daugstad (CRR/NTNU): Staging The Living Heritage Or Living The Staged Heritage? Negotiating Space And Time On Austrian And Norwegian Mountain Summer Farms

Gunn-Turid Kvam (CRR), Trine Magnus (CRR) and Egil Petter Stræte (CRR): Qualities Of Local Products As Strategy For Expansion- Experiences From Niche Food Enterprises

Heidi Vinge (CRR) and Bjørn Egil Flø (CRR): Moral Landscapes Of Variation: Tourist’s Perceptions Of The Norwegian Landscape

Hilde Bjørkhaug (CRR) and Katrina Rønningen (CRR): Farming And Rural Communities In Crisis – The Case Of Northern Norway

Jostein Brobakk (CRR): To Mitigate Or Not To Mitigate. Food Security, Energy Production And Policy Responses To Climate Change.

Karoline Daugstad (CRR/NTNU), Knut Fageraas and Bjørn Egil Flø (CRR): 'Highlighting Heritage': A Study Of Vega's World Heritage And Valdres Nature And Culture Park In Norway

Katrina Rønningen (CRR): Diversification And Modernization Of Rural Economies In Norway – Nomadic South Sámi Land Use A ‘Problem’  Or An Opportunity For A More Radical Approach To Rural Sustainability Issues ?

Magnar Forbord (CRR): Property And Operational Structure In Agriculture – Discrepancies, Policy, And Adaptations 

Mariann Villa (CRR) and Oddveig Storstad (CRR): In Trust Of A Social Capital.

Reidar Almås (CRR) and Jostein Vik (CRR): Interaction, Integration And Market Strategies In Norwegian Food Supply Chains

Rob Burton (CRR): ‘Cooperative Neoproductivism’ A Useful Approach For Revitalising Rural Europe?

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